Let’s get start installing Office Setup by simply following the steps below. You can easily activate Office using Office Com Setup.

what is ms office?

MS Office is a suite of applications, servers and services developed by the renowned Microsoft brand for Windows and Mac OS. The first version of this suite contained only three applications; For example, Excel for creating tables, PowerPoint for creating presentations and Word for creating documents. The latest version of Microsoft Office; However, Office 2017 and Office 365 have many interesting uses and amazing features. It now includes OneNote, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and more along with the basic applications that were available in previous versions of Office. 

All Microsoft Office versions have been divided into two categories. H. At home and on business. These two categories differ in terms of features and specifications. There are a few easy steps to download, install, and configure the Office installation from office.com/setup on your Windows operating system or Mac OS. An error can occur at any step during the download, installation, or configuration. To fix this error, you can simply contact our Microsoft Office support.

Some of the most common errors that can occur while installing ms office:

  • Error downloading Microsoft Office installation.
  • Install Microsoft Office Setup on Windows or Mac OS
  • Reinstall Microsoft Office Setup.
  • Problem updating Microsoft Office.
  • Error loading document or file in Microsoft Office applications.
  • The Microsoft Office product key could not be found.
  • Microsoft Office Product Key Activation Failure.
  • Installation error 0x80070005.
  • Error connecting to the internet.
  • Configuring Microsoft Office Setup
  • Problems signing in to your Microsoft Office account.
  • Error recovering Microsoft Office account password

Complete installation of Microsoft Office Setup Follow the steps below to install Microsoft Office Setup for Windows and Mac OS:

For Mac OS :

  • Download the required Microsoft Office version from www.office.com/setup and click Install to start the installation process.
  • After this process is complete, a dialog box will appear asking you to activate the MS Office setup.
  • To do this, log into the wizard for activating the office by entering your registered email ID.
  • Now select “I want to activate the software over the Internet”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • Run the setup and it’s done!

If you have any problems or issues, contact our Microsoft Office customer support. Our certified technician will be happy to assist you.

About the Windows OS: 

  • Log in to office.com setup with your registered email address and password.
  • If you are not an existing customer fill out the registration form.
  • Now select the desired Office version and click on Install.
  • When the installation is complete, run the setup.

When you purchase Microsoft Office online, you will receive a 25-digit key that you must enter before you start the download process at office.com/setup. If you cannot find this key, please contact our Microsoft Office Customer Support for an immediate solution.

You can set up your Office Retail Card by choosing the correct URL according to your version of Microsoft Office:

There are a few steps that need to be followed when installing Microsoft Office on your device as it is a cloud based process that requires an internet connection. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to office.com/setup in your internet browser
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Office account (existing user) or create a new account (first time user)
  • Enter your 25-digit code printed on your handy key if you bought it in-store or if you bought it online. Check
  • Then your registered email as it will be sent by email.
  • Select the language required by the version of Office.
  • Simply click the Get Started button after you’ve entered all of the information.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click the button by following the on-screen instructions.
  • The setup will automatically be downloaded to your device. You can check it in the same browser or go to the Downloads folder and then run the program.
  • After launching the file, follow the instructions on the screen and enter your registered email address and password to access the account
  • to confirm. Congratulations! You’re done.

Once you have finished downloading and installing your Microsoft Office setup, you can use it in the Start menu so that it can be used there. You can also create the shortcut of the necessary files on your desktop. If you encounter any errors or problems installing the program or antivirus issues like mcafee activate, please feel free to contact us via chat or give us a call. Call us today, we will fix it for you as we are available 24 * 7 for the great help. Follow our blogs for regular updates.

System requirements – office.com/setup:

For Windows:

Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
DualCore processor or newer.
RAM: At least 2 GB of
hard disk space: up to 5 GB of
high-speed Internet connection

For Mac:
Operating system: OSx 10.10 or newer version
RAM: At least 2 GB
hard disk space: up to 5 GB
high-speed internet connection

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